Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers


BrazeMax - Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers at Affordable Prices

The BrazeMax brazed plate heat exchangers(BPHE) is one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat from one fluid to another. Whether copper brazed plate heat exchangers or nickel brazed plate heat exchangers Brazemax has the solution for you!

A brazed heat exchanger consists of stainless steel corrugated plates which are combined in a plate-pack to create two complex flow channels through which a hot fluid and a cold fluid are distributed. This design creates an extremely efficient heat transfer device!

We manufacture heat exchangers and stock a large inventory that can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada for next day delivery!


  • Refrigeration heat exchanger
  • Wood boilers / Pellet boilers
  • District heating systems
  • Snow melt application
  • Oil coolers
  • Hydronic heating
  • Industrial heat recovery
  • Solar heating
  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Others - Please Contact us


Quality Brazed Nickel & Copper Heat Exchangers In Stock!

The BrazeMax Advantage!

All Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers look similar on the outside. The BrazeMax difference is on the inside. All our copper brazed plate heat exchangers and nickel brazed plate heat exchangers are built to the highest standards using the most advanced modern techniques.

The BrazeMax brazed plate heat exchangers are designed with the latest research and development tools. Manufactured with highest grade stainless steel, copper and nickel components. We care about our customers, and pride ourselves on our service and quality heat exchanger products. Here are some reasons to choose BrazeMax heat exchangers.

  • Most Inventory in stock
  • Next day delivery service
  • Over 40 Years in the industry
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design
  • High temperatures (up to 625f)
  • High pressure design (up to 150 bar)
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Copper & Nickel brazed heat exchangers in stock



" The heat exchanger for our aquaculture research worked beyond our expectations and we would like to buy another one!" - Robert (Maine )


"You were the only ones willing to talk to us and take the time to understand our specific heat exchanger application. Your help with pump selection and system design was invaluable" - Michelle (Edmonton)


"I just want to let you know how impressed I was to find a company who actually has nickel brazed heat exchangers in stock in North America!" - Paul (Atlantic Canada)